1550 New V Notch Segmented Ball Valve - Basis Weight Valve

1550 SERIES 'V' Notch Segmented Ball Valve with Intelligent Electrical Actuator Basis Weight Valve

Segmented Ball valve is a ball sector valve with metal to metal or metal to PTFE seating. The segmented ball valve combines the best control characteristic of the ball valve and the butterfly valve. It can be used both as a control valve and as a shut off valve. It is available as standard in Stainless steel. It is also available in other materials based on the application.

V-Notch Ball Valve Features

  • A one piece, leak proof stainless steel body, with face to face lengths in acc. with IEC standards.
  • A ball sector with top and bottom bearings for low operating torque so that low torque actuators can be used.
  • A 'V' shaped sector that provides accurate control over a wide range, even at low flow rates and if used for viscous media with high concentrations of solid particles.
  • A spherical area of the ball sector which, with PTFE seat gives tight closing. The stellite seat ring ensures excellent tightness at all differential pressures. The maximum leakage in the direction of flow is less than 5 x -6 10 of the Kv value in this case.
  • Metaloplast bearings
  • O ring or graphite packing for the stem gland
  • The standard stellite seat can easily be converted to PTFE after turning the ball sector by 180 degrees, without the need to dismantle the valve.
  • These are designed to overcome the problems of harsh, particle entrained processes.


Segmented Ball valve can be used both as a control valve and as a shut off valve in a wide variety of applications and in different operating modes. The valve represents a concrete result of our product philosophy which is focused on functionality, high quality and low life cycle cost and is based on concentrating our range to a limited number for valve types, but all of them suitable for a wide variety of applications. One of the most successful area for this valves is Paper Industries where they are used for Paper grammage Control application.

Segmented Ball valve addresses and solves many long standing challenges faced by traditional ball valves such as:

  • Piping forces that unevenly load the seal.
  • Low range ability due to limited orifice characterization.
  • Unsatisfactory shutoff capabilities.
  • Achieves Class IV shut off with a metal seal and Class VI with the special soft seal.

The excellent control characteristics of segmented Ball valve are particularly beneficial under severe control conditions, in difficult media and under demanding pressure conditions in the process industry such as

  • If the media contains solid particles
  • If a wide control range is required
  • If control applications involving high pressure drops
  • If cavitations occurs
  • Or for corrosive applications

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