Engineering Manual

Engineering Manual - Introductory Notes

We have tried our level best to collect maximum Engineering information required for the valve study selection along with a list of approximately 500 fluids against which the resilient, plastic and metallic materials used in our valves are rated. These ratings, in many cases do not necessarily agree with those found in other publications.

In the case or resilient materials, the ratings are mostly based on percentage swell of the material but due consideration is given to actual experience or test due to temperature, abrasion resistance, permeability, loss of resiliency or elasticity, etc of the specific compounds being used.

This data is helpful in selecting resilient materials of valves to handle a particular fluid. However the combination of metallic or plastic materials used in a valve must be known. The valve parts in contact with the media can be determined by referring to the specific bulletin write up in the catalogue. The data does not list available valves to handle each fluid since we have so many different kinds. For special critical application refer Sude.

Frequently the varied complicated and entirely predictable mechanics of corrosion produce unexpected results. No list of this type can be considered full proof for every field condition.

Use it as a guide only we once again request to consult us for valve selection for details refer General usages information.

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