1800 SERIES Automated Flush Bottom Valves

1800 SERIES Automated Flush Bottom Valves

Sude offers a unique valve that is typically used for On-Off bottom drain Tank applications, where flushing or fluid transfer is necessary. The valve mounts flush to the tank with a plug extending into the tank and the seat rings flush with the inner Wall. The valve's compact, lightweight design is ideal for in-line maintenance under the Tank. It can be specified with either a 45 or 60 outlet angle. Other options include Bellows seal normalizing fins a special body without pockets, steam jacketing or a plug that retracts in to body.

  • Ordinary Diaphragm Valves when mounted in a vertical or angled position will have the content (Media or Fermentation) of the tank till the diaphragm. This creates a dead leg, a very serious issue in Bioprocess.
  • But this valve can be used in the places where the sterility is not critical (Media Preparation Vessels Buffer formulation vessels) wherein the contents of the tank may either be sterilized in the next process or will be filtered using a 0.2 Micron File.
  • Sometimes Steam is connected to this type of valves and sterilization is done before the harvest.

The above mentioned question and answers lead us to a new Kind of valve call Flush Bottom Valve.

  • The valve is normally welded to the bottom most portion of the bottom dish. The term Flush comes because the valve body is flush welded to the vessel dish.
  • Though many types of Flush bottom valves are available, the diaphragm type is more commonly used.
  • The valve is independently Steam sterilizable.


  • Industrial Vessels
  • Pharmaceutical Fermentation Reactor
  • Primary Food Processing
  • Cosmetics Mixing Vessels
  • Chemical feedstock Tank
  • Biotech Reactors
  • Petro-Chemical Processes
  • Pressure Cooker on Food Processing


  • Able to withstand high sterilization temperatures.
  • Full ports allow unobstructed product flow.
  • Positive shut off eliminates leakages In-Line adjustment to compensate for seat wear.
  • Easy assemble and dismantle.

Standard Features

  • Manual or automated operation
  • A choice of Seat & Seal materials
  • A variety of downstream pipe ends
  • All stainless steel materials with 316L mounting flange
  • Full porting offered
  • Design and Performance Features
  • High flow capacity
  • Best Suited for drainage system
  • Wide selection of actuators to meet most system requirement
  • Flexible design capabilities allow fitting any vessel nozzle configuration
  • Disc rising or lowering
  • Fit exactly to the wall for Disc lowering type
  • Crust breaking for Disc rising type
  • Pneumatic cylinder / Diaphragm (Spring return or Double acting/with or without Hand wheel
  • Electric Actuators
  • Jacketed valve type (Full jacketed, Semi jacketed) Non jacketed (single) type

Flush Bottom Valves are designed to provide drainage, and dead space free shutoff is accomplished by placing the valves seat flush at the bottom of the vessel. This eliminates any build-up of product within the vessel nozzle itself. Advantage of Disc type is short stroke for open/close operation.

Flush Bottom Tank Valves are used in the Bottom of Reactor Vessels Autoclaves & other Process Vessels for landing abrasive Slurry, Viscous Material or Semi Solid Media. The valves seating are generally Teflon/Neoprene and optionally Viton depending on the process requirement.

Flush Bottom Valves Opening Option: Inside Vessels or Inside Valve opening Available in the size from 15MM to 250MM with different material of construction like Cast Iron, Cast Steel, SS 304/316 or any special alloy to suit user requirements. Also available in Jacketed Design & Teflon lined Design.

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