About Us

We at SUDE Bangalore since its establishment in 1989 are positioning ourselves as a ‘Specialized Company for Automated Valves’ used in Process Industries and also required in all sectors of Industries in the world. Since its foundation by Mr. D. R. Shetty in 1989 SUDE has developed with his vision who is a technocrat in Valve Automation Industry and initially started with smaller automation and later on turned to be a System Integrator in Valve Industry along with the manufacturing of Dampers with a wide range having a SSI unit at Pune, and manufacturing Electrical Actuator under the brand name of Sdtork also located at Pune and manufacturing Basis Weight valve under the brand name of Kriss Instrumentation located in Bangalore.

We try to maximize the customer satisfaction on the stand point of our customers, by corresponding to demands from various customers and developing application. It creates means of offering the stable product, flexible service to adapt and exceed our customer’s demand. SUDE, a people company, we don’t just sell product; we sell technology and the value addition to the end user. We can also design valves known as ‘Custom Made Valves’ to meet customer specific requirement and operation parameters.

The essential business of SUDE is in Valve Automation and distribution of Fluid flow control equipment. SUDE has also realized that one of the most important keys to meeting customer needs is a comprehensive offering of Valves and Actuation to service the ever increasing demand for ‘Automated Process Control’, ‘Dedicated to support the customers valve automation needs’ – from technical assistance in the specification phase, through manufacturing and testing and to on time delivery.

Our philosophy as a company has been always distinguished by the quality of our products and the service to our customers i.e. by combining high quality products, field and design experience, SUDE is able to satisfy all the customers and market expectations by offering reliable, flexible and customized solutions together with a qualified service.

Further to the above this is to your information M/s. Sdtork Controls Pvt. Ltd, situated in Pune is manufacturing Electrical actuators from smallest to biggest range for all kind of valves and Dampers.

Another associate company of ours KRISS Instrumentation since its establishment in 1993 is involved mainly in manufacturing / supply of Basis weight valve used in Paper Industry for GSM Control application which helps to accomplish greater accuracy with weight and thickness of the paper.

The creation of SUDE Unit II at Pune and our associate Kriss Instrumentation, Bangalore & Sdtork Controls Pvt. Ltd., Pune further reinforces our commitment to remain the leader in Automated Valves, Electrical Actuator, Damper Automation and control of fluid process systems.

Growth is an indication of success and continued relevance. At SUDE the last two decades have been an exciting journey of Learning, Innovation and Growth. SUDE has dealt with several differentiated products that were conceived through integration with customers and subsequently commissioned successfully on field.

Why Choose Us?

Success Stories

  • Strong financial track record
  • Track record of more than 5 years
  • Prompt delivery and after sales support
  • Path breaking technology at affordable prices
  • Approval in major Govt. and private sectors.

Our Company Mission

  • Our mission is to build a reputation of our Products not only in India but International business too, as the most Reliable, Friendliest item plus to be a Global company most admired & remembered for its product performance where our customer gets maximum satisfaction.
  • Our mission is focused on satisfying customer needs by unique skills and resources to implement ‘Value Addition Product’ that competitors cannot implement as effectively
  • Our mission is to provide products and service – innovations and solutions that satisfy customer needs and improve the quality of their production that are profitable for them.
  • Our mission at SUDE / SDTORK is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society.
  • Finally our mission is to fulfill not only the needs of our customers but our employees too.

Our Approach

  • Our goal is to inspire through our success, by increasing our company’s everyday effectiveness like order tracking, customer follow-up, encourage the acquisition of new skills and expertise to improve the products and services our company offers, regular changes in marketing strategy of our company, Constant improvements in our product.
  • Our goal is production of the best products and providing the best service without unnecessary costs
  • Our goal is to enhance our position not only in Indian Market but also to build leadership positions in International markets so that when we think in terms of the markets we serve, we become more outside-in focused and we can better seek growth opportunities.
  • Our Goal is to provide a safe, reliable, cost-effective products and services that satisfy the needs of all our customer under different segments.
  • Finally we have been driven by one goal, that our company products to be known for its Quality that is uncompromising and without end.

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    Meet the Team

    Mr.Devdas R Shetty
    Managing Director, Sude Group

    Devdas R Shetty is a technocrat and a dynamic businessman heading the Sude Group as its Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Under his exceptional leadership, passion and driving nature, the Sude Group has become one of the fastest growing and most recognized brands across the global industry.

    Mr. Sunil Kurkute
    Director, Sude Group

    Sunil Pandurang Kurkute [Director] is an Electrical Engineer from Pune University, having a vast experience in Valve Automation plus Electrical Actuators and have dedicated my 20 years experience towards the Design & Development of a World-class product called 'Sdtork Electrical Actuators'. I am also committed to make a “ Better Product through Better Technology which will provide the 'Customer' total satisfaction plus 'Sdtork Product' will be Internationally recognized for its Quality and its Result orientation in Business Excellence.“

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