9800 SERIES Plastic Diaphragm Valves Fitted With Pneumatic And Electric Actuator

9800 SERIES Plastic Diaphragm Valves Fitted With Pneumatic And Electric Actuator

Imported Diaphragm valves are with one piece rugged body having cross ribs at flanged ends. They are available in size range of 15mm to 100mm. Its latest inverted design diaphragm remains unstressed while valve is in close position so it gives more service life. The Diaphragm of these valves are available with Neoprene, EPDM, Hyplon, Butyl, PTFE-Coated and pure PTFE. The construction of valve with pure Teflon diaphragm, MS backing ring on bonnet and body which provide extra support and strength. Diaphragms valves are with deep seat allow maximum flow and excellent flow characteristics. Plastic Diaphragm Valves are dependent on the design, especially suitable for highly – pure to heavily contaminated, liquid and gaseous inert and corrosive media. Just as classical control valves also have good control properties, especially for media which is soiled or provided with particles. The major areas of use are the semiconductor industry and microelectronic and a wide variety of industrial applications e.g. water treatment. The valve can be manually, pneumatically and as well as electrically operated.

Connection :

  • Spigot ends for solvent welding DIN / ISO (PVC-U, PVC-C)
  • Spigot ends for fusion welding DIN / ISO (PP, PVDF)
  • Union DN 15 to DN 50 with socket end for fusion welding DIN /ISO (PP, PVDF)
  • GFR or PP / steel flange PN 10/16 with DIN face-to-face dimension
  • Union ends according to BS, ANSI, or JIS on request

Nominal sizes:

DN 10 – DN 100

Body material:

PVC-U, ABS, PP, PVDF, PFA, In liner PP-H, Outliner PP reinforced

Seal material:

Standard body diaphragm material is Neoprene whereas other materials such as Butyl, Hypalon, Teflon, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile and Teflon backed with Neoprene etc. can also be supplied on request.

Body configuration:

Straight through body ( 2/2-way valve), T-valve (3/2-way valve), multi port valves in PVC-U, PP and PVDF on request.


Manual, Pneumatic, Motorised




Position Indicator, lift limit and manual emergency control from DN 65, Limit switch unit. The Diaphragm Saver travel stop is a standard feature on all sizes of Diaphragm valves. Its special design prevents over compression of the diaphragm and prolongs its service life. Valves size up to 2” available with special type position indicator while larger sizes have a feature of a rising stem indicator.

Sude offers diaphragm valves which has no wetted metal components. The valve will never fail because of corrosion and they do not require painting or epoxy coating to stand up to aggressive environments.

  • Single piece rugged body with cross ribs at flanged ends
  • Latest inverted design diaphragm remains unstressed while valve is in closed position, gives more service life
  • Deep seat allows maximum flow and excellent throttling characteristics
  • Flange drilling can be provided as per BS. Table D, E or F, ANSI-ISO, DIN or any other standard.
  • Every valve is hydro tested at 10 kg / cm2 for body & seat.

Control Pressure:

Maximum 7 bar

Operating Temperature:

For valve materials :
  • - PVC up to +600C
  • - PP up to +800C
  • - PVDF up to +1200C
For Sealing Materials Temperature Limitation :
  • - EPDM up to +900C
  • - FPM up to +1200C
  • - EPDM / PTFE up to +900C


As shut-off valves as well as for controlling in process plants

Type of fluids

Neutral, aggressive liquid or gaseous media even with abrasive particles provided that the components getting in contact with the medium are resistant at operating temperature.

Nominal pressure

  • - PN 10 DN 15 – DN 50
  • - PN 6 DN 65 – DN100

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