1600 SERIES Knife Edge Gate Valve with Electric / Pneumatic Actuator

1600 SERIES Knife Edge Gate Valve with Electric / Pneumatic Actuator

Sude Offers Knife edge gate valve is a compact bi-directional valve with full bore. This valve is specially designed with regard to good flow characteristics and simple maintenance which makes it suited for both liquids and dry media.

The Knife edge gate valve is designed of a one piece valve body in stainless steel and a stainless steel gate. The retainer rings mechanically locks the seats, making them easy to replace. The unique packing, twin pack gives high operation reliability.

Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the worst working conditions in Pulp & Paper, Mining & Steel, Power & Chemical Industries to handle Semi-Solids, Dry-Ash, Chips, Fiber contents Pulps etc. The compact design of the Valves facilitates light weight, minimum space for installing, easy operation and maintenance. The compact Knife edged Wedge is manufactured from Stainless Steel Plates of various grades irrespective of Body material. The bottom of the wedge is having knife type edge Wedge which can cut through Semi-Solid or Paste type Pulp with possible fiber and or Solid contents, fly-Ash, Chemicals with solid contents and ensure smooth shutdown operation and tight shutoff. The Knife Gate Valves are available in wide range of Material. Trim options are available to suit individual requirements for various working conditions.

Knife Gate Valves are available with Soft Sealing and Metal to Metal sealing options to suit varied working conditions. Knife Gate Valves are also available with varied operational options like Hand Wheel, Pneumatic Cylinder/ Electric Actuator.

Wafer style, slurry knife gate valve shall be packing less, rubber-lined, bi directional valve suitable for wide range of industrial applications. The full port design shall have no internal obstructions and will provide a “blind flange” shut off when the gate is closed. The valves sealing surface to be between two rubber sleeves that are compressed in to the ductile iron valve housings. The sleeve will be molded with an integral stiffener ring that locates the sleeve in the valve housing and helps the sleeves resist the high shearing forces present when the gate is driven between them. Valve has a one-piece, Molded, replaceable elastomer secondary seal to eliminate any leakage between the knife edge gate and top of the valve body in any orientation and prevent any outside contaminants from getting inside the valve. It shall be dynamically self-adjusting, eliminating the need for continual adjustment. The secondary seal shall retain a silicon-based lubrication to lubricate the gate as it cycles through the seal, providing smoother gate movement and longer seal life, as well as reducing the force required to actuate the gate. The stainless steel gate shall be completely withdrawn from the process flow when in the open position, and can be inspected and replaced, if necessary, without taking the valve out of service.

When the valve is in the closed position, the downstream sleeve can be replaced while the upstream portion of the valve is still holding pressure.

The valve body housing to be flanged, universal type standard drilled and tapped to suit ANSI B16.5/150 with optional PN10 or PN16 or others, as required. Valve is equipped with a cylinder/Electric actuator. All nonferrous exterior surfaces shall be painted to factory standard.

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