1460-1450 Plug Valve with Pneumatic & Electric Actuator

1450 SERIES 2 Way Plug Valve Fitted with Electrical Reversible Stay put Type Actuator in Single Phase/Three Phase Actuator Construction
1460 SERIES 2 Way Plug Valve Fitted with Pneumatic Double Acting / Spring Return Actuator

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The plug valve is the oldest of the valves. Plug valves have been in use for over many years. This valve has been in continuous development over recent years. The plug valve is basically Ski on-off valve based on a plug with a rectangular hole through which the fluid flows. The plug is either tapered or cylindrical and is located in the valve body and can be rotated through a quarter turn to line the hole up with the pipe when open or across the pipe when closed.

The plug can be adapted for multi-port use allows the valve to be used for diverting flow. The valve can engineered with a lubricated plug which uses the lubricant to enable convenient operation over a wide range of pressures. The lubrication film also provides a seal.

The un lubricated design includes seals in the plug and requires plastic bearing systems. The valve can include a cage between the plug and the body and the remote maintenance e.g. the nuclear industry.

Plug Valves- are valves with cylindrical or conically tapered “Plugs” which can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow through the valve. The plugs in plug valves have one or more hollow passageways going sideways through the plug. So that fluid can flow through the plug when the valve opens Plug valves are simple and often economical.

When the plug is conically-tapered, the stem/Actuators are typically attached to the largest diameter end of the plug and without actuator they are exposed to the outside since they do not have the bonnet.

The simplest and most common general type of plug valve is a 2-port valve, which has two positions, opens to allow flow and shut (closed) to stop flow. Ports are openings in the valve body through body which includes the bearing sealing systems and allow convenient maintenance. These valves have been specially developed for use in industries.

In quarter turn Plug valve in which you can decide which fluid has to enter or leave, in such valves the plug has one passage way going through it. The ports are typically at opposite ends of the body; therefore the plug is rotated a fourth of a full turn to change from open to shut positions.

Slightly conically-tapered metal (often brass) plug valves are often used as simple shut-off valves in household natural gas lines.

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