1258/1268/1358/1368 SERIES Plastic Butterfly and Ball Valves Fitted with Pneumatic / Electric Actuator

1258/1268/1358/1368 SERIES Plastic Butterfly and Ball Valves Fitted with Pneumatic / Electric Actuator

Sude Offers Plastic Butterfly Valves available in two types or styles, wafer and lug. A different installation procedure is used for each one. Wafer Style is the more common of the two and is less expensive than the lug style. The wafer style butterfly valve is just about the standard. Wafer butterfly valves are installed between two flanges using bolts or studs and nuts. This type of installation of course, makes it impossible to disconnect just one side of the piping system from the valve. That is where the lug style valve comes in.

Lug style valves have metal inserts installed in the valve's bolt holes. These inserts are threaded on both ends. This allows them to be installed into a system using two sets of bolts and No nuts. The valve is installed between two flanges using a separate set of bolts for each flange. This permits either side of the piping system to be disconnected without distributing the other side.

Lug style butterfly valves used in dead end service generally have a reduced pressure rating. For example most sizes of butterfly valves mounted between two flanges have a 150psi pressure rating. The same valve mounted with on flange in dead end service has a 75 psi rating.

Thermoplastic butterfly valves that are slip in wafer style, compact design, light in weight and easy to install. They are available in size range of 50mm to 400mm, 500 & 600mm available on request.

Sude supply Plastic Butterfly Valves which are made from light quality thermoplastic like PP, HDPE-High density Polyethylene and PVDF - Polyvinylidene Fluoride. The valves are tight shut off in both flow directions and recommended for pressure rating of PN10.

These valves offer square section shaft that provide positive engagement between shaft and disc and shaft & lever ensuring positive shut off with quarter turn operation. They are suitable for flow in either directions or can be utilized either vertically or horizontally. The valve disc fitted with seat ring is easily replaceable as well as economical compare to conventional rubber liner. They are also available with double-flanged end connections. The butterfly valves are available having flange with drilling as per BS, ASA, DIN or any other standard.

Sude offers a plastic Butterfly valve having a reinforcement blade which includes a valve body of plastic material, having two separately positioned openings for connection in a pipeline: and a blade which is also constructed substantially from plastic material. The blade is journeyed in the housing so as to be rotable to a position wherein it prevents fluid flow between the openings in the housing.

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